About Us

California Photography Center is a school of  photography that was founded by Ramiro Gaytan in 2017.  Ramiro Gaytan had a vision to create a school of photography where students can gather to Learn, Grow and be Innovative in the art of photography.

Ramiro Gaytan has 23 years of experience working in the field of photography and over 15 years of experience teaching the art of photography.  Ramiro began teaching photography at the Tri-Community School of Photography and has received many awards for his unique and inspiring work.  Today, many of his fellow colleagues from Tri-Community School of Photography have since joined Ramiro Gaytan in teaching at California Photography Center. The Center has successfully created a well balanced and inspiring environment in teaching the art of photography.

As Ramiro's vision continues, California Photography Center continues to grow in size as well as in the variety of teaching styles from daily term courses to monthly informational seminars which features a variety of renowned professional photographers.

If you would like additional information regarding the California Photography Center please refer to Californiaphotographycenter.com or Facebook.com/californiaphotographycenter.

We are located at

120 West Bonita Ave. "Suite D"

San Dimas, CA 91773

Phone: (562)505-6200

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