Story Telling and Portraiture

Instructor:  Jamie Lee

Fall  term : 7 weeks long

September 24 – November 10

Every Wednesday   7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Are you stuck on where to go next for the next pose or how to compose your next shot during
your portrait sessions?  Are you tired of shooting the same poses as all the other photographers
in your market? Don’t get stuck being a pretty-picture-maker.  Establish yourself and your own
personal style by infusing story into your images. Learn to create photos that resonate beyond
being “posed correct” and having  “good lighting.” Learn to add a new level of purpose and
personality into your photography.

This class is intended for portrait photographers of all disciplines, including, wedding/ event/
seniors/ glamour/ boudoir/ family/ etc.  Most classes will consist of a lecture and two hours of
shooting time–in studio and outdoors.

In this class, we will first study the foundations of visual narratives as it relates to portrait
photography which include narrative composition, believable lighting, and posing.  Our
inspiration will be drawn from other visual mediums such as film/ storyboarding/ graphic novels/
painting/ journalism/ etc. we will then build and develop our own personal photographic style
based on our favorite artists.  At the end of the class you will be left with a completely new
understanding of visual storytelling as well as a photographic style that is more personally
connected to yourself as an individual.




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