Photoshop Intermediate



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Fall  term : 7 weeks long

September 24 – November 10

Instructor:  Adriana Lopez

Every Tuesday   9:00 am – 12:00 noon


uild on your existing knowledge of Photoshop to become proficient in more advanced aspects of Photoshop image manipulation and creation.  Learn how to seamlessly move and patch areas of a photo with the Content-Aware toolset; stretch the brightness of a scene with automatic and custom Levels adjustments; create intricate designs with text and shapes, with layer effects and transformations. Techniques for sharpening details, whether addressing noise and highlight/shadow clipping or camera shake, and converting a full-color image to black-and-white. The final chapters show you how to best print and save images for the web, making sure all your hard work pays off in the final output.


Topics include:

  • Performing automatic retouch, scaling, and more with the Content-Aware tools
  • Editing the histogram
  • Customizing a Levels adjustment
  • Levels adjustments
  • Sharpening with the Smart Sharpen, Emboss, and High Pass filters
  • Creating text on a path
  • Creating depth, contour, and texture with layer effects
  • Liquifying an image
  • Adjusting print position, size, and color
  • Creating the perfect JPEG image
  • Masking
  • Moving objects to a different Background
  • Downsampling for the web




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