Digital Enhancements with Photoshop and Lightroom



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Instructor:  Adriana Lopez

Fall  term : 7 weeks long

September 24 – November 10

Every Tuesday   7:00 pm – 10:00 pm


Learn How To Use the Basic Lightroom Panel to Edit Your Images and Finish your Edit in PHOTOSHOP.
Lightroom has many features. While the program offers plenty of different editing opportunities, in
order to achieve the best results and user experience, it is important to understand the very basics of
Lightroom . I will explain each of the most important Panels in Lightroom, so that in the end, you will
find it to be a simple, quick and easy to use software for your post-processing needs. Expanding the
panel will reveal a number of basic controls offered by Lightroom. These controls show you the most
obvious benefits of shooting in RAW, such as White Balance and Exposure compensation adjustments.
Will create presets.

The Settings
1) Treatment 2.1) Temp 2.2) Tint 3) Tone 3.1) Exposure 3.2) Contrast 3.3) Highlights, Shadows, Whites
and Blacks 4) Presence 4.1) Clarity4.2) Vibrance


For beginners to intermediate students. Learn Photoshop, learn step by step, the tools and techniques
to master this program. Will guide you through the Photoshop fundamentals and basic tools available. It
will cover the essential concepts such as saving files, introduction to shortcuts that all Photoshop users
should know. You will get a beginner’s overview of the various tools contained with the Tools panel.
From the selection tools to the retouching tools, you will learn how to use them. The most important
concept you should understand in Photoshop is the layering system. Layers allow you to stack different
objects and images to keep your work separated, ordered, and easy to edit.
Will cover about Photoshop Filters. Which are incorporated in Photoshop and is a convenient way of
editing your images. Using Layers Styles are one or more effects that alter a layer. Adjustment Layers in
Photoshop is used to enhance an image.
Retouch and Healing tools, is the ability to correct, digitally enhance and fix photos. Use of the Free
Transform tool, is a command use for resizing, rotating and modify your image. Selection Tool or Quick
Selection tool. If you want to remove a background from a photo or just a specific object in an image.


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